Behind The Scenes At A New Grace

Behind the Scenes at A New Grace

Running and owning your own business is as rewarding and challenging a venture as they come. Everyday is a learning experience and a monumental blessing in the fact that I get to work around my beautiful messy life! Currently we live in Middle TN, in a 278 sqft. camper. And yes, we live full time, run a business inside, and raise toddlers in said camper. There is NEVER a dull, or quiet moment for that matter. But I would never trade it. 

Maybe you've been following us for a bit and have seen our happenings through social media. What you probably haven't seen is the tribe of women that are behind this brand and make everything possible. Without these girl's individual talent and outpouring of themselves, this business wouldn't be where it is today. 

To begin, let me introduce myself. If you don't already know, I'm Lexi, 23 yr old owner of A New Grace. I wouldn't call myself an entrepreneur, just someone who doesn't like to sit still too long. A New Grace was and is a creative outlet for me when times are hard or confusing. I love to be able to work while watching my babies grow up alongside me. But enough about me, I am only one part of this team of women I am honored and blessed to work alongside!

Next there's Baesha, my right hand girl! I honestly have no idea what I would do without her! She is primarily in charge of the production and shipping of orders. She cheerfully works around our messy life and patiently answers my toddlers 248,977,080 questions a day. Plus she's gorgeous so she's my backup model if I need pictures real quick!

Then there's Ariel, she's our resident photographer. And the girl is fabulous at following around capturing my crazy antics while giving me content to put on our social media. Otherwise there would be no pictures, at least not of earrings on people!! She troops through poison ivy and overgrown TN woods all to help us get that perfect shot!

Behind The Scenes at A New Grace 

Meet Kady! She is my Jill of all trades! Seriously this girl can go from model, to cheerleader friend, to social media guru all at the drop of a hat! Though we are new friends she's one of those kindred spirits I am so glad to have met on this adventure.

And last but not least there's Kay, my freelance (aka middle of the night) graphic designer. This girl has been with me from day one of dreaming about A New Grace and what it could hold. She encouraged and gave me hope that we could be a real business and here we are today. 

Without these girl's we would not be where we are today. Along with countless other friends, family members, & some strangers who have encouraged and supported us on this journey. I am so very thankful for each and every one of them! And my daughters, who inspire me to work harder, empower more women, and try my best to make the world a better place for their future. 

You know how they say you need a tribe to raise a child? I believe that to be solidly true, but I also believe it takes a tribe to make a business. If you are looking to start your own business or maybe you already have, I encourage you to surround yourself with quality people, they will impact your business for the better! 

Hope all of you have a lovely day and thank you for reading this far!! :) If you have a suggestion on what subjects you would like to hear about here drop a comment below!



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