Purpose Filled Gemstones

Gemstones are not only gorgeous but have historically held great meaning and symbolized virtuous attributes. If you are curious what a stone represents check out our list below!

Gemstone Meanings:

African Turquoise ~ Positivity, Creativity, & Intuition
Agate ~ Peace, Support, & Healing
Amazonite ~ Love, Balance, & Healing
Amethyst ~ Protection & Purification
Howlite ~ Awareness, Wisdom, & Strength
Jade ~ Purification, Love, & Success
Red Jasper ~ Confidence, Courage, & Endurance
Leopardskin Jasper ~ Serenity, Clarity, & Healing
Lapis Lazuli ~ Honor, Wisdom, & Truth
Riverstone ~ Freedom, Luck, & Growth
Rose Quartz ~ Harmony, Love, & Trust
Sunstone ~ Energy, Strength, & Joy
Each of our gemstones is unique, making each bracelet memorable and exclusive. Enjoy mixing and matching to symbolize and complement your favorite virtues. 


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